What are the rewards calculated?

The SIU referral program consists of 5 levels.
As previously stated, if a person (so called X) receive your $BALL and make at least one transaction, he becomes your referral, and you will receive 2.4% of every transaction he completes (buying and converting transaction). This is a Level 1 or first-level referral.
If X refers someone else (so called Y) to SIUUU with his own $BALL, Y will become X' first-level referral and your second-level referral, which means that X will receive a commission of 2.4% and you will receive 1.8% when Y make any buying/converting transaction. In other words, your second-level referral is a user invited by the person whom you invited to SIUUU.
Similarly, if your second-level (Y), third-level, or fourth-level referrals refer new users to SIUUU with their own $BALL, they will become your third-level, fourth-level, or fifth-level referrals respectively and you will receive 0.6% bonus when they make transactions.
The SIUUU's referral program is illustrated in the schematic diagram below:
As a referrer, you will be able to check the following information:
  • List of your referrals.
  • The total rewards that you receive from your referrals' transaction.