Example of Referral Commissions

Consider the following example of how a referral receives a commission in a multi-level commission plan.
You sent 50 $BALL to John.
Once he received the $BALL, you've successfully established a tier one referral.
When John earns 50 $BALL and invites Kate to SIUUU, Kate becomes John's first-level referral as well as your second-level referral.
Kate invites Lucy, Lucy invites Dave, and Dave invites Sarah in the same way. Lucy, Dave, and Sarah become your third, fourth, and fifth-level referrals, respectively.
After completing the $600 redemption, Sarah will get $564, $36 converted into transaction fees and will be divided among the referral levels as the following rates:
  • You: $3.6
  • John: $3.6
  • Kate: $3.6
  • Lucy: $10.8
  • Dave: $14.4
When Dave makes a trade, the rate will be:
  • You: $3.6
  • John: $3.6
  • Kate: $10.8
  • Lucy: $14.4
Similarly, when John makes a transaction with a value of $600, you will receive the $14.4 in commission.