Predict and Win

The World Cup 2022 is about to start, and we are very excited to bring you The Prediction Event that you all enjoy - where you can earn a lot of $SIU by correctly predicting the results of the matches!
To participate in the event, go to the SIU2022 website and click the PREDICT button (to be updated 1 week before the 2022 World Cup).
Make sure to submit your predictions each day before Lock Time!
Prediction Mechanics
  • Set your predictions for each match at the 2022 World Cup!
  • Earn rewards based on the number of correct predictions you make each day and throughout the tournament.
  • A prediction that is not placed is considered a failed prediction.
Boost Mechanics
  • Login and win at least two matches per day to activate boosts to double your rewards!
  • Boost period: 2 hours before the timing of the first match for that day.
Milestone Rewards (Update soon)
Prediction Rewards
  • The rewards will differ depending on the NFT's rarity and level.
  • You will be rewarded based on your total number of correct predictions for that day and for the whole tournament.
Things To Note
  • Milestone rewards cannot be increased.
  • Match results will be updated within 24 hours.
  • You can claim your rewards only after the match results are updated.
  • Please claim all your rewards by the expiration date.