GameFi Elements

GameFi has recently become quite a popular concept in the blockchain and gaming industry. With a combination of games and finance, GameFi elements provide users with both moments of entertainment and earning opportunities.
SIU2022 uses the following GameFi elements:
✅ In-game assets: In-game NFT
​SIU NFT is presented as a professional soccer player.
Unlike traditional games, SIU with a GameFi element not only allows players to earn rewards with NFTs, but also allows them to move their assets out of the game's virtual world, meaning that NFTs are tradable on the marketplace for extra profit.
✅ Prediction
Another aspect that can be seen in SIU2022 is the prediction system. Community members are allowed to earn rewards for free when their predictions are correct.
✅ Tournament feature
We will develop more game modes and gradually create World Tournaments so players can improve their earnings. It may come with a leaderboard to reward top users with the highest reward in SIU2022.